Directon’s Greetings

Director`s greetings of the National Institute of Physical Education

The National Institute of Physical education was graduated about 3500 graduators 22 times by bachelor and master program. I am very glad to mention that these 1 labor`s hero, 2 honored coaches, 15 honored athletes, 3 Olympic medalists, 10 World Champions, and  there are 6 athletes who took Rio Olympic rights, 1 National Wrestling Great Champion, 1 State arslan /lion/, 2 State garid /garuda/, 5 State zaan /elephant/, 7 State khartsaga /hawk/, 17 State nachin /falcon/ and a number of wrestlers who have the glorious titles and the members of Parliament, workers of Ministry and Agencies graduated at the National Institute of the Physical Education.

 Two ScDs, six PhDs, a lot of International Masters of Sport and over 30 famous teachers and coaches in Mongolia are working now at my school.

We cooperate with Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Kazakhstan, Armenian and Ukraine’s Physical Education and Sports Institutes and Universities and Ministry of Health, Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Sport, Physical Education, Sport Development Center, Mongolian Olympic Committee, Sports Federations, The authority of Physical Education and Sports of the capitals, districts and provinces, scientific center, sports clubs and arenas and Health Organizations. According to this cooperation, every year teachers and students exchange program is implementing successfully and scientists, young searchers, young teachers and students’ participation to participate in these programs are increasing.

Our graduators are working at the thirteen workplaces successfully such as the National Emergency Management agency of capital and local area, as a chairperson and methodologist of physical education at the military organization, teacher-coach at the Secondary and High school, Institutes and Universities and Sports Federations and a specialist of kinesiatrics at the company and arena. And we are so proud of our graduators who are studying to continue for master degrees and PhD program in foreign countries.

When we summarize about our school’s activities constantly for 25 years, they are our teachers’ great works, students’ effort, their classes, laboratories and gyms, internet and WIFI environment, library, treatment and methodology cabinet and sports medical and first aid cabinet

Happy 25th Anniversary of the National Institute of Physical Education for the scientists, professors, teachers and coaches who was working in the past and is working now at and a number of graduators, athletes, the students who are studying now and cooperating with, helps us organizations, partners and Universities and Institutes. I wish you all the best and health.

Welcome to our school which has many years history. I am greeting to appeal cooperating with us by the faith, heart and effort, to be physical education teacher for developing well-known coaches and healthy Mongolian people, preparing famous athletes who will be hearing Mongolia in the world.

 The National Institute of the Physical Education is always open for you all. 

May book virtue flourish and May good deeds spread all over.


Altantsetseg.L /ScD, Prof, International master of Gymnastics/,

Rector of the National Institute of Physical Education